BWS Standfast is a leading independent provider of fire safety and security systems in the South West. They provide complete security systems, including CCTV and intruder alarms for homeowners and businesses, as well as fire protection systems. 

Microsoft 365 Migration
Data Consolidation
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The Problem

BWS recently acquired two other businesses, John Hill Electrical and Apex Alarms.  

All three firms use Microsoft 365, however, users and business data were stored and managed across three different tenants. This made it incredibly difficult to manage accounts, policies and access control permissions for users.  

As their IT support provider, BWS asked Systemagic to perform a 365-tenant merger, bringing all three organisations’ Microsoft tenants and accounts under one roof.  

Our Solution

Tenant mergers can be complex and cause data loss, downtime and severely impact on end-users. Therefore, we initially spent some time carefully planning exactly how we would execute this project.  

We decided to utilise a migration tool which would migrate emails and data in the background, whilst BWS’ employees continued working. Once the migration was complete, we sent some of our technicians on-site to reconfigure devices and ensure everything was working as it should.   

The Result

As a result, all three tenants have been successfully merged into one, consolidating licenses through the use of aliases and shared mailboxes, cutting costs and making it easier for users to access resources and manage data across the three companies.

Two Systemagic IT Technicians setting up a MacBook Pro
Following BWS' acquisition of John Hill Electrical and Apex Alarms, it was important that we merged all three Microsoft 365 tenants so that users have access to all of the files they would need. The migration also means that BWS will benefit from more control over their data and access permissions.
Chris Sweet - Technical Director at Systemagic

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