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Are you confused about what SharePoint Online even is, or whether it’s right for your organisation? Perhaps you’ve meant to make the move but need help planning, ensuring the migration process runs smoothly and doesn’t disrupt your business?

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At Systemagic we’ve carried out loads of SharePoint Online projects and our expert team are on hand to help with all of your SharePoint requirements and make sure your business is looked after throughout the process.

In a nutshell, SharePoint Online allows secure online document storage which can mean you avoid using VPNs or running an onsite file server which needs backing up.   It gives your business a central site for sharing news, accessing data and collaborating.   Multiple people can work on documents at the same time (no more “file in use, open a read-only copy” messages!).  Using OneDrive you can synchronise files to your computer in the same way you would with Dropbox or other cloud file storage services.   If you want to use it as an intranet you can share company news or published shared calendars and lists.

We love migrating our clients to SharePoint because it’s..

Cloud-Based, accessible from any device

Easy to use, giving effortless collaboration and allowing multiple people to work on documents at the same time

Included in your Microsoft 365 subscription

The perfect solution for flexible and remote teams

Compatible with Apple and Windows

Secure and compliant, with document history, strong data permissions, version control and access control

It enabled many businesses to move from having a physical server.  This reduces cost, saves on electricity and makes systems more secure, more flexible and more reliable!

Did you know if you already have an existing Microsoft 365 subscription the SharePoint Online product is included for free? If you’re new to SharePoint our Microsoft Certified team will work with you and guide your business through SharePoint allowing you to make the most from the tool.

Our clients have consistently told us that they’ve found the move to SharePoint very simple, painless and easy to get used to, so drop us a line to find out how we can help you make the most of your Cloud File Storage solution.

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