Nordpass is an industry-leading password manager that keeps your passwords safe and organised. With browser integrations, secure sharing and easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps, NordPass allows you to securely access and use your passwords from any device.

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Generate Strong Passwords

NordPass’ password generation feature enables you to create strong and secure passwords within the app or your browser. With security policy in mind, NordPass allows admins to set password requirements, dictating a minimum number of characters, use of numbers, capitals and special characters.

Seamless In-Browser Autofill

With NordPass’ seamless in-browser autofill feature, you’ll rarely need to open the app. Tagging your login details to websites, NordPass will automatically fill in your credentials enabling a quicker login. Taking it one step further, NordPass recognises when you change your password, updating it within the app – ready for the next time you log in.

Secure Sharing

With its ‘ secure share ‘ feature, NordPass makes sharing passwords with colleagues, partners and clients easy. With security in mind, you remain in full control of your passwords, choosing whether users can see the password, or simply copy the hidden credentials. In addition, you can revoke viewing permissions once a user no longer needs access.

Password Health & Data Breach Scanner

Your digital vault actively checks the health of your passwords. If it notices you using the same password for multiple accounts, it sends an alert, prompting you to change it. This helps strengthen your overall online security by avoiding password reuse.

The vault also scans the dark web for any leaked data. If it finds that your accounts or passwords have been compromised in a data breach, you receive an immediate notification. This feature keeps you informed and allows you to take quick actions, like changing passwords, to protect your online accounts.


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