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Connecting everyone together is now key in any business and we’ve been providing broadband, telephone and wifi solutions to businesses since broadband was first introduced to the UK.

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Business Internet Connections

Your connection to the internet is vital and at Systemagic we have been providing business-grade broadband since the technology first arrived in the UK.

At Systemagic, we offer: 

  • Fast, friendly local support from your Systemagic team
  • Business grade services with business Service Level Agreements
  • Consistent speeds, robust connections
  • Static IP addresses and all the clever geeky things like assured service, traffic shaping and MPLS networks

We can provide a whole host of different internet connection options including ADSL broadband, FTTC and FTTP fibre, EFM, Ethernet Fibre (Leased Lines) and 4G.  Don’t worry if that doesn’t mean much to you – basically we have solutions to get you the fastest internet connection matched to your budget.

If you’re frustrated with slow internet speeds or need to make sure that your internet connection always works, no matter what, then we’ll have a look to see what connection options are available at your location.

If you’re considering moving to new offices we can also check what’s available before you sign that lease!

WiFi Solutions

We are seeing an increasing demand for secure Wifi Solutions year-on-year. For many small and medium size organisations business wifi is an absolute necessity – allowing staff and guests to connect their mobile devices and computers to the Internet and letting you roam around your offices free from wires is something we see is increasingly important in the workplace. With more high-bandwidth applications being used every day – especially video calling – it’s hugely important to have wifi that can cope.

Our Business wifi solutions make sure that your wireless network is strong and reliable with no black spots, is secure with guests being allowed to access the internet but not your internal files or machines, and is fast no matter how many people try to use it at one time.

Our wifi solutions have been installed in hotels, schools, offices, warehouses, shops and retail outlets, stately homes, animal shelters, coffee shops, pubs and many more!

On top of great coverage, fast speed and high security, our team monitor your system around the clock so that if one of the wireless access points fails we’ll know about it before you do and can reboot it remotely or change the system to cope while we arrange a replacement. We keep the systems updated with the latest security patches keeping your business secure.

Business Telephone Systems

Our customers save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on their annual telephone costs compared to other providers, and benefit from complete flexibility and friendly support from our team.

You can read more about our business telephone system options over here

As well as telephone systems from as small as a single extension, we provide BT telephone lines cheaper than you can buy them from BT, the latest VoIP telephone systems, a wide range of handsets to suit any purpose from office desk to 5* hotel suite and a “non pushy” approach to helping you to save money on your telephones.

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