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Systemagic has been a Carbon Neutral business since 2016

Each year we thoroughly analyse our carbon emissions including electricity and gas use, staff commutes, business travel, SaaS services and waste output.   We then update and review our carbon reduction strategy and offset at least 100% of our emissions.

Our carbon emissions are regularly measured and reported on by Minimim

Systemagic’s Carbon Reduction Strategy:

-Visits to client sites should be made only when necessary (“remote first” policy)

-Public transport should be used wherever feasible

-Deliveries and collections by couriers of equipment for resale should be scheduled to combine deliveries as much as possible.

-Systemagic’s supply chain should be asked about green credentials before engaging with preference given to those with a green strategy

-Systemagic’s energy supply should use a green tariff where available

Recycling, Reuse & Reduction – Carbon Reduction Initiatives

Over 2/3rds of our office waste is recycled and we’ve taken steps to reduce our other waste as much as possible.

Any waste IT equipment is donated to a local recycling centre where devices are repurposed for use in schools and charities, with the rest being recycled safely to WEEE waste regulations.

To cut down our office emissions we’ve upgraded all the lights to efficient LED lighting with sensors, saving over 60% electricity consumption on lights alone.   We’ve installed a smart heating system that has reduced our gas use by 25% and our shower and toilets are all fitted with water saving devices.

We have reduced our staff commutes by adopting a working week where 2 days are working from home.

We schedule deliveries to minimise courier trips and combine delivery trips as much as possible. Outbound deliveries should use Royal Mail or courier drop-off to minimise travel to our offices for collection.

Our Ecologi Forest:

Ecologi allows us to invest in environmental projects around the world, including replanting and managing mangrove forests, reforesting areas previously affected by logging and most importantly supporting local communities by involving them in the creation and management of new plantations. It’s important to us that any reforestation is sustainable and creates real impact so the accountability of Ecologi’s projects is key. To date we have funded the planting of over 3000 trees.

You can read about the specific projects we’ve helped by visiting our Ecologi dashboard: https://ecologi.com/systemagicltd

Carbon Offset Projects

We recognise that planting trees won’t have any impact on carbon reduction for years from when they’re planted so we invest in carbon reduction and offset projects including solar, hydro and carbon capture projects.   These projects are all audited and monitored to ensure that they really do result in carbon reduction.

Our carbon footprint in 2021/2022 has been calculated at 2.11 tonnes per month we have offset 105% of this.




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