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Many businesses now find themselves needing to prove PCI Compliance or that their systems are secured to a certain standard to win contracts.   Thankfully, making sure your business is safe and secure shouldn’t be difficult or cost the earth!

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We believe that IT Support and IT Security are specialist skills so shouldn’t be delivered by the same team.   When a builder builds a house they use Building Control to inspect and verify that things are done properly. It doesn’t make them a bad builder and if Building Control ask for something to be improved it doesn’t mean the builder has failed or doesn’t know what he’s doing. It just means he’s having his work independently verified and inspected for the customer’s peace of mind.

We believe that the same approach should be taken with IT security.

Our team are skilled at securing your systems, recommending tools, equipment and services to keep you safe and secure. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years. If verified, demonstrable strong IT security is a key priority for you then we work with third party security experts who can independently analyse and test your system to verify its security and recommend areas of improvement.

We are the builder, they are building control!

Cyber Security For Your Business

We help our clients with all levels of Cyber Security, including the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications, with PCI Compliance, as well as the basics of ensuring systems and devices are secured with endpoint security software.

We’ve developed our own best practice guidelines for Microsoft 365 to ensure everything’s configured for the best possible security, and our team are always updating their knowledge of the latest threats and mitigating actions.

Our Support & Maintenance package ensures that your systems are patched with the latest security and software updates regularly.   Unlike many IT providers we don’t simply let software do this.  Instead we manually verify patch status regularly to ensure your systems are kept up to date.

We also have a Security Awareness Training platform to teach your team to be vigilant and aware of threats.

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