Every day in the UK approximately 4,500 SMEs are unsuspecting victims of a cyberattack, of which 86% are phishing scams. Despite advancements in antivirus software and malware protection, employee error is still the main cause of data breaches. 

Cyber security awareness training closes the knowledge gap for employees and strengthens your security against human error and user-targeting attacks, turning employees into your first line of defence. 

How Does It Work?

Our Security-Awareness training is the ultimate cyber security awareness training tool designed to give your team the confidence to spot suspicious emails and scams before it’s too late. Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure when it comes to security.

The platform is made up of four different components to ensure every area of cyber security is covered:

Automated Security Awareness Training

Drive secure user behaviour with automated security awareness training. Deliver bite-sized video and interactive security awareness training, tailored to each user’s unique vulnerabilities.

Email Exposure Checker

Identify and safeguard your users’ exposed email accounts by monitoring thousands of data dumps, paste sites and breached data forums, locating exposed email accounts before they can be leveraged for targeted attacks.

Automated Phishing Simulation Software

Monitor and reduce user vulnerability to sophisticated phishing. Learn how susceptible your users are to ultra-targeted spear-phishing campaigns or enable continual simulations and monitor vulnerability trends over time.

Simplified Policy Management

Keep users up to date with proactive policy management software. Ensure users are up to date on relevant policies.

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