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Our clients tell us that we’re genuinely different to other IT providers that they’ve worked with, and we thrive on the hundreds of positive feedbacks we receive each month.   Read on to find out how we Do IT Differently at Systemagic

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1. We’ve been supporting businesses for over 22 years.   This means we’re familiar with many industry-specific systems and have plenty of experience supporting businesses of all sizes and sectors.

2. We’re proud to still be working with clients who signed up to our services way back in 1999. Our clients stay with us for the long term, which means we can build real relationships. 

3. All our services are offered on rolling 30-day terms.  We believe that customers should work with us because they want to, not because of a contract term. 

4. We have industry-leading response times so if you don’t get an immediate response, you’ll get one within 15 minutes.  New clients sometimes don’t believe us until they experience it, but we really do respond super fast and it’s always referenced in our feedback.

5. Our award-winning team deliver people-focused support and communicate in plain-English.   No more avoiding calling the helpdesk in case you’re made to feel stupid! 

6. We have 100% customer retention and satisfaction. We receive around 150-200 feedback scores every month and over 99.5% of these are scored at the highest level. Over the past 3 years we’ve retained over 99.5% of our clients too.

7.  Our client retention means we don’t need sales people and account managers – meaning you don’t pay for overheads you don’t need. This keeps our prices extremely competitive.

8. Our industry-leading resolution times speak for themselves with most issues fixed in under 25 minutes. This includes all our tickets, we don’t just report the easy ones to make us look good. 

9. We use the same services, technologies and equipment in our own business that we recommend to our clients, so you always know that we’re recommending things because they’re good. 

10. Our excellent staff retention means you’ll get to know who’s at the other end of the phone and they’ll get to know you.


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