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Data Migration
Custom Intranet
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The Problem

With a growing team and client base spanning countless continents, JBC needed a central space to store business documents, client files and other important data.  

JBC also required a simple and easily navigable intranet, acting as a hub, where the team could find important updates, information and learning resources.  

The Solution

After carefully evaluating JBC’s needs, we determined that a custom SharePoint site was the most appropriate solution for them. Although SharePoint is seen as a ‘document storage tool’, it is far more flexible and customisable than most people realise. 

JBC stored their files within Teams (another Microsoft 365 tool), making it easy for us to migrate their files across to SharePoint. 

Like most businesses, JBC had certain files and folders which required restricted access, such as HR. To ensure only authorised users could access certain files, we created separate SharePoint sites for each department/user group, making it simpler to manage permissions. 

We then worked on developing JBC’s intranet.  

JBC wanted something simple and easily navigable – ideally all on one page. After some thought and rough sketches, we found the perfect layout.  

The intranet consists of a sidebar, containing a list of important apps and links, as well as a row of clocks showing the local time zones of JBC’s global employees.  

The main section of the intranet features what’s known as ‘hero links’. These are large call-to-action buttons directing users to key information. For example; a link to submit an IT support ticket, a link to key business apps, links to important files and a link to their knowledge/resource hub.  

To make the intranet personalised to JBC, we set up a global theme within SharePoint. This pulls in the company’s colours and imagery, giving it a more professional and consistent look and feel.  

The Result

JBC now benefits from a central hub where users can find essential files and information. Navigation has been simplified, making it easy for users to locate exactly what they need in just the click of a few buttons. 

If users can’t find what they’re looking for, there is a search bar located at the top of the site, where they can search for files, libraries and pages.  

Phone Systems- Adam
Initially, the prospect of managing a complex project like our SharePoint migration seemed daunting. I anticipated a time-consuming and intricate process. However, Adam's deep understanding and expertise of the SharePoint platform significantly streamlined the migration. His efficient approach and clear communication made the entire process remarkably smooth and positive. We were able to witness our collaborative vision come to life as Adam seamlessly migrated our files and designed a user-friendly Intranet site. Thanks to Adam and Systemagic, our organisation has achieved significant improvements in file storage, sharing, and internal communication. We are now much more efficient in these crucial areas.
Ajani Palmer - Office Administrator

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