We gave Achieve Breakthrough support during their office move, providing the move of all kit, including workstations, server cabinets and routers, prior testing of VOIP telephone systems and maintenance during their guaranteed downtimes.

All kit transferred to new premises
Maintenance during downtime
VOIP telephones tested before move

The Challenge

Our client was re-locating to a larger office building and wanted to ensure the moving process would provide as little disruption and downtime for their members of staff and customers as possible.   We already worked with AB to provide support and maintenance and various cloud services, so this was approached as a specific project.

Achieve Breakthrough Eye

The Solution

Prior to the office move our project team planned a timeline of events for all users to understand what would happen and when.

Our Operations Manager, Fiona liaised with third party suppliers ensuring the clients connectivity worked in the new location prior to the move without disconnecting the existing office too early. Our technicians ensured all of the IT kit was transferred to their new office including workstations, server cabinets and routers in a short space of time providing minimal downtime. The pre-arranged downtime was used to ensure essential maintenance to Achieve Breakthrough’s IT infrastructure was carried out at the same time so extra disruption would be caused at a later date.  We were able to allow staff to finish in one location on the Friday and start at the new location on the Monday with no loss of productivity.

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Telephone conversation
Working with Systemagic has been nothing short of excellent. Our users were ably assisted throughout the project and feedback coming back was very positive. We had regular meetings with Fiona to update us and always felt well communicated to. This gave us a lot of confidence and we wouldn’t hesitate to use Systemagic again for a project like this.
Michelle Morgan, Account Coordinator

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