About SafeLives

SafeLives is a national charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, for good. SafeLives work with a range of organisations across the UK to transform the response to domestic abuse, helping victims and families get the right help at the right time.

In 2022, SafeLives provided training to over 8,500 professionals and in conjunction with their charity partners, helped more than 75,000 adults and 95,000 children at risk of serious harm.


Fast & Reliable IT Support
IT Housekeeping
Updated WiFi Access Points
Quick Onboarding

The Problem

Responsible for over 120 users, SafeLives’ IT Officer, Laura Griffiths, found it hard to juggle her time between mountains of support tickets, protecting the charity’s network and executing their IT strategy.

With the need for extra IT support, Laura initially sought help from a Bristol-based IT company.

Having started well, the service levels of SafeLives’ IT support provider gradually slipped, and response times grew longer, pushing Laura and her team back to square one.

This led Laura to search for a new IT support company that could consistently deliver the service levels required.

computer user

The Solution

Impressed with Systemagic’s average response time, monthly rolling contracts and customer feedback, Laura reached out to us as a potential IT support provider.

After learning more details about SafeLives’ needs, we were confident in our ability to surpass their expectations and provide Laura with the support she needed.

Thanks to our dedicated team and tried and tested process, it wasn’t long until SafeLives was fully onboarded.

The Result

Eager to get to work, we started by tidying up any loose ends left by the charity’s old IT company, including overdue updates and general IT housekeeping.

At the time, SafeLives informed us that the Wi-Fi coverage in their office was poor and asked if we could investigate the root cause. Following a visit by one of our Field Technicians, we discovered that SafeLives were using outdated access points. These were swiftly upgraded to new models, and office staff have reported much better Wi-Fi coverage as a result.

With a great relationship blossoming, Systemagic is set to support SafeLives with other upcoming IT projects, including cloud server migration, and Microsoft 365 projects.

IT Technicians setting up a Macbook Pro
Generally, at SafeLives, our staff have always viewed IT as an obstacle as getting decent support from our previous provider always created so much extra work. Since moving across to Systemagic, I’ve been really pleased with the high levels of customer service from the engineers, resolution times and ease of communication with the management team. Lots of neglected areas which needed house keeping have now been addressed and I feel under much less pressure to resolve issues on behalf of the staff, because I know I can trust that Systemagic will have it in hand. I’m looking forward to engaging on future larger projects, as the team are very knowledgeable and want to work with us to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for our charity.
Laura Griffiths - IT Manager

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