We supplied the college with a super-fast fibre optic connection to the internet as well as a dedicated connection back to the original campus the other side of Bath so both sites are always fully connected.


Network devices installed
Campuses protected with enterprise level continuity solutions

The Challenge

Systemagic’s challenge was to work alongside the project team to create an IT telecoms budget for this new campus, provide project management for technical implementation, super-fast fibre internet, a wifi system, server and network infrastructure, telecoms service, assistance with moving users, equipment to the new site and hardware procurement.

The Solution

With a brand new campus being built, this was an opportunity for Norland to build a high performance IT network fould host up to 240 students plus 50+ staff and guests using the systems at any one time, so with the potential of almost 1,000 devices connecting simultaneously the network had to be able to cope with this volume.

Systemagic worked with the site contractors to specify and design the data cable network, using both fibre optic and Cat6 cabling and then installed high-availability managed network devices to connect everything together.  The wifi system is fully resilient with automatic self-healing and recovery should an access point fail, with the latest MIMO and bandwidth steering technology to ensure each wifi user gets a great service throughout the campus.

Systemagic also supplied the college’s super-fast fibre optic connection to the internet, giving the entire college fast and reliable access to the Internet as well as a dedicated connection back to the original campus on the other side of Bath so that both sites are always fully connected to each other.

Both college campuses are protected with enterprise-level business continuity solutions ensuring that even in the event of an IT disaster there is minimal disruption to students and staff, and hybrid of on-premise and cloud-based technologies allows Norland to take advantage of multiple technologies without expensive investment in old fashioned servers.

The campus was completed with Systemagic moving the existing IT systems over to the new campus, ensuring that staff could relocate quickly and easily with no lost productivity and that systems were fully operational from day one.

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James and his fantastic team at Systemagic were attentive, flexible and hard working in the final push to meet the operational opening date. Systemagic efficiently planned the final move across Bath, They quickly and quietly ensured core office systems were back up and running, ready for returning staff. Throughout the move, the college suffered absolutely minimal disruption, and the support received ensured a very smooth, stress free transition!
Alex Read - Chief Financial Officer

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