Earlier this year, our client, Vedette – a business consultancy practice, faced challenges with a fragmented data structure and an inconsistent user experience while using Microsoft Teams for data management and collaboration.  

Vedette has been a long-term IT support client of Systemagic, but in response to these specific challenges, they reached out to us to plan and execute a SharePoint migration project.  


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SharePoint Migration

The Problem

Previously, Vedette relied solely on Microsoft Teams for data management. However, the way their data was structured within Teams often led to confusion among employees.  

For example, files were stored across various Teams sites, resulting in difficulties in accessing and managing data effectively. 

In addition, users found that multiple versions of files existed across their ecosystem, resulting in updates/changes being made to the wrong version of files. 

Moving from Teams to SharePoint

We worked with Vedette to develop a plan that involved pulling their data from Teams and moving it to dedicated SharePoint sites.  

Through thorough planning and execution, we ensured that there was a seamless transition of files and documents while minimising disruption to Vedette’s daily operations. 

Branding & Customisation

Leveraging SharePoint’s customisation capabilities, we tailored Microsoft 365 to reflect Vedette’s branding.   

This included customising login screens, SharePoint sites, and incorporating the organisation’s colours and logos throughout the platform.  

The branded interface not only enhanced visual appeal but also instilled a sense of identity and professionalism among users. 

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SharePoint Site Structure

Working closely with Vedette, we designed a new SharePoint structure consisting of multiple sites tailored to their specific business needs.  

Quick link buttons were added to enable seamless site switching, allowing employees to access relevant information depending on their access permissions.  

Optimising User Experience

To improve the user experience within SharePoint, we provided training and support to Vedette’s employees, including illustrated guides and videos showing how to use the online version of SharePoint.  

Dynamic Employee Directory

As an added bonus, we developed a dynamic employee directory solution using Power Automate.  

This automated flow collects and updates user information weekly, ensuring the directory remains accurate and up-to-date.  

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Quote from Systemagic

“This was an interesting project to work on. I like creating something from nothing, so it was enjoyable for me to build something and add in the bells and whistles for company colours and branding. It was a substantial change for Vedette to fully leverage the SharePoint system, but working together with a few key contacts, the transition was painless! I am hopeful that the new data structure will allow users to work a lot more efficiently.” 

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Systemagic helped us define, refine, and deliver on a new SharePoint design to meet the needs of our growing company. The nature of our work requires complex security permissions and intricate structures and whilst there were bumps in the road to implementation Adam was there every step of the way to help us navigate and try out options until we got things right.
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