Scott Cotterell

Senior IT Technician

Scott is one of our senior IT technicians, bringing over 20 years of commercial IT experience. His role is to carry out the more complex projects and installations that Systemagic does, as well as making sure clients are making the best use of their technology. Outside of work Scott is the singer in a punk rock band, The Setbacks, and lives in Bath with his wife and son.

Quick fire questions answered by Scott

What do you do when you’re not in the office?

As well as being a dad my hobbies include: Mountain biking, photography, DIY and playing Skittles. I’m also the Singer in a band, and if time permits I really enjoy surfing. 

What is your favourite piece of tech?

Although I do love my tech – you can never go wrong with the good old fashioned paper and pencil! 

If you could move your desk anywhere in the world where would it be?

I’m not fussy as long as it’s hot and by the sea!

What would your superpower be?

That’s a tough one, perhaps the ability to avoid stupid questions ..