Fiona Major

Customer Experience Manager

Fiona is our Customer Experience Manager and is dedicated to making sure our customers receive the very best service, communication and relationship with us. She is usually busy managing the helpdesk team, organising and managing projects and working with customers to get the best from their IT systems and cloud solutions. We worked with Fiona for a number of years before she joined our team so she has been part of the Systemagic journey since we rebranded back in 2015!

Quick fire questions answered by Fiona

What do you do when you’re not in the office?

I have a very fun and bouncy Golden Retriever called Casper who loves to swim so we spend a lot of time on the south coast. I also try to keep fit in my home gym and have a weekly battle with my garden, trying to keep my plants alive and the weeds at bay!

What is your favourite piece of tech?

My Fitbit -I’m lost without it.  I love tracking my steps and vital stats and comparing the data. I love the Fitbit app user interface and I’m always amazed at the accuracy of the sleep stats.

If you could move your desk anywhere in the world where would it be?

In a beach hut on the Caribbean. I’d go snorkelling at lunch time and relax with a Pina colada in hand at the end of the day. Casper would have to come too of course!

What would your superpower be?

Teleportation to take me anywhere I want to go, without having to travel!