James Eades

Managing Director

James has been MD of Systemagic since 2010 and focuses on business strategy and direction, making sure to invest in our business, team and culture which play a huge part in the experience our clients receive.  Previous to becoming MD he was a techie here for 7 years although his days of jumping on the helpdesk and impressing the team with his super-techie skills are sadly long gone.  With Systemagic now largely run by Fiona, James is busier than ever working as a Non-Exec Director and Business Mentor to numerous other businesses.

He is Dad to Sophie, enjoys running, golf and is a huge Formula 1 fan. He plays the guitar and has an impressive collection but refuses to play for the team! He’s currently trying to decide what to do for his midlife crisis.

Quick fire questions answered by James

What do you do when you’re not in the office?

Aside from being a busy dad, I’m a huge Formula 1 nerd, so I’m glued to the TV for 22 or more weekends a year. I love running, and having played the guitar since I was 13 I’ve recently started expanding my collection which includes Fender and Gibson guitars.   Motorbikes and fishing have taken a back seat since we had our daughter – luckily she loves watching the F1 though!

What is your favourite piece of tech?

My iPad – I try to digitally detox regularly so my phone isn’t as important as it once was but the iPad is great for both business (meeting notes, working on the move, having access to all my files) and for using at home. 

If you could move your desk anywhere in the world where would it be?

New York – it’s my favourite place in the world and I’ve always dreamt of having an office in Manhattan. (this could explain the various New York pictures in his office!)

What would your superpower be?

I’m not sure if he counts as a superhero but I’ve always wanted some of Inspector Gadget’s gadgets, especially his go-go-gadget roller skates, go-go-gadget helicopter and go-go-gadget arms.


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