Make your 2022 successful and safe

Make your 2022 Successful and Cyber Secure

Here we are at the start of 2022! We hope you had a wonderful festive period and are well rested ready to start the year.


We want to help you start the year off with the right tools for a successful and cyber secure 2022. A pressing issue that was raised last year, both for our clients and generally in the technology industry was security. Even Microsoft had their Exchange Server data breach last year, which shows that any business can fall victim to security threats/attacks however big or small.

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Which? estimates that online crime has increased by an alarming 33% since the start of the Covid19 pandemic in the UK. Scammers are becoming more and more creative with ways to gain your personal information. Most assume scammers hack into your accounts to steal personal information, however, some of the most common ways that personal information is stolen are through what seem to be completely harmless social media and search engine adverts. The technical term for this is called phishing. Even the short quizzes you might see on social media or search engine results, may seem like light-hearted fun, but ultimately the information you give can be used to infiltrate your accounts.