What is 2 Factor Authentication?

2 Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA or MFA) is a cybersecurity measure that adds an extra layer of protection to your online accounts. Typically, when logging into an online account, you only need to provide your username and password. But with 2FA, you need to provide an additional piece of information that only you have access to.

This additional information could be:

  • a personal security question
  • one-time passcode sent via SMS, email or phone call
  • a key fob
  • USB device
  • security key

Unless the hacker is your evil twin, knows extremely personal details about you or has your authentication device, their login attempt will fail.   

Why is 2 Factor Authentication Important?

With the rise in phishing and brute force attacks, usernames and passwords can be easily stolen or guessed by hackers. As a result, we need to protect our accounts with a ‘failsafe’. 2FA is exactly that.

Over recent years, hackers have spent more time targeting Microsoft 365 users.

With over 345 million users, Microsoft 365 is the biggest cloud office software provider in the world and a goldmine for sensitive and valuable information.

Isn’t a Secure Password Enough?

A secure password is no longer enough to keep hackers out. Although secure passwords play a vital role in cyber protection, the best combination to protect any digital account is a strong password and 2FA.

How to choose a secure password


Protect Your Business with 2 Factor Authentication 

With an ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks from both domestic and international hackers, there’s no time like now to ensure your accounts and devices are secured with 2FA.   

Hacks and security breaches are devastating for businesses. That’s why as an IT provider for SMEs, we’re here to help!

Don’t make a hacker’s job easy, enable 2FA today!  

For more information on 2FA and enabling it on your Microsoft 365 account, talk to our team on 01225 426800 or email us at info@systemagic.co.uk.

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