Phishing Awareness

Spot Phishing attacks with our awareness training platform

With Phishing attacks accounting for over 80% of security threats worldwide it’s now more important than ever to provide your team with the tools and knowledge to identify cyber attacks when they see them. If you’ve read our ‘spotting suspect Emails’ guide you’ll know we take security seriously, which is why we’ve introduced a Phishing Awareness Training program to our list of services. The program send random safe phishing emails to train your team to recognise dangerous emails, and delivers monthly training exercises to upskill your business.. 

Video Tutorials

Designed and built by our security expert partners, users receive monthly bite-sized video tutorials focusing directly on Phishing. Each video has been created in order to educate in a short, concise and entertaining manner. 

Practical Examples

Users are trained to recognise the signs of a Phishing scam which is why they will receive simulated attacks via Email each month relating to the training provided.

Structured Learning

Our Phishing Awareness Training differs from others because the path users follow throughout each module has been carefully tailored to guarantee users can develop their knowledge and confidence. This is as much a staff training service as it is a technical security one, and already we’re seeing clients embrace the concept of training being the best way of preventing security breaches.

Online Dashboard

Statistics and reporting are delivered through an online dashboard so you, as a team leader, or your team members can see their progress and progression. Users are presented with an easy scoring system allowing which also allows them to see how they are performing in comparison to other users. 

Our Phishing Awareness Training will ensure your entire team are prepared and educated when it comes to recognising Phishing attacks. If this sounds like something your business could benefit from then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out on how you can get started!

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