Phishing Awareness Training

Our Phishing Awareness Training platform will ensure your team are educated and prepared to recognise Phishing attacks.

Category: Security

Phishing attacks are now the single biggest security threat to most businesses, and are becoming increasingly sophisticated with 96% of attacks arriving via Email and more than 80% of reported security incidents coming from Phishing attacks worldwide.

What is PhaaS? (Phishing as a service)

PhaaS delivers user training through phishing awareness training platform, making your team better at identifying spoof emails and security threats. Designed and built by our security expect partners, the training portal provides users with the knowledge and confidence they need to recognise a Phishing attack when they see it.

Users have access to monthly video training, as well as simulated phishing attacks, ensuring they stay vigilant. Training and statistics are delivered through a simple to use online dashboard.

Video Tutorials

Users receive short and concise video tutorials each month which focus on a a specific area of Phishing detailing all the relevant information.

Phishing Emails

Inspired by real Phishing attacks users receive up to two Phishing emails a month that directly relate to the training they have received. This allows them to practice their new skills with no risk!

Phishing Email

A.I Debrief

The system’s intelligent algorithms detect areas in which are in need of improvement for each user. The PhaaS service then generates a debrief video delivering handy tips and advice.

Superior Statistics

Everybody loves a good graph. We know that they are a nice easy way to show value. As such, we have carefully created a number of reporting options. We also have a unique scoring method when combined with clever data gives users an array of useful performance statistics.

Phishing Dashboard

Phishing Training platform

Phishing Heatmap

If you would like more information on how Phishing Awareness Training can help your business against advanced threats we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at the other services Systemagic offer, here!

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