Many businesses now find themselves needing to prove PCI Compliance or that their systems are secured to a certain standard.   Thankfully, making sure your business is safe and secure shouldn’t be difficult or cost the earth! Our range of IT Security solutions include: 

EndPoint Protection – AntiVirus and AntiSpyware Software

Systemagic have partnered with industry leader ESET for many years and are one of the UK’s few Silver Partners – their software doesn’t slow your computer down, is the best at finding new viruses, and best of all is cheaper than some of the other better known solutions.   All businesses must run business-grade security software to protect them from viruses, spyware and malware.   Have a Mac? They’re now being targeted with viruses too so need protecting as much as a Windows based computer.

Firewall Protection

To make sure that the only people who can access your network are those you have allowed, a firewall is essential.   Whether this is a piece of equipment that sits on your network or software that’s installed on your computer, we can supply and configure a firewall which secures your network from outside threats.

Content Filtering

Nobody likes to act like Big Brother, but with viruses so easy to catch it can be important to make sure your staff don’t access sites that might be dangerous.  You might also want to prevent certain types of sites, or have a public wifi network that shouldn’t be used for access inappropriate material.   Our content filtering solutions are unobtrusive, don’t slow your connection down and make sure that your business internet connection is secured for business use.


Encrypting your data so that it can’t be accessed if it’s lost or stolen is really important, especially on mobile devices like laptops and tablets.  Our data encryption solutions, using either Microsoft BitLocker or ESET’s encryption offering, is quick to install, easy to use and users don’t need to remember extra passwords.

CyberEssentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

The government’s Cyber Essentials certification is a great set of guidelines to ensure your business meets the recommended levels of security.   Systemagic are experienced in making your systems ready for self-assessment, so if you want a badge to prove your commitment to security we can help. Read more on our dedicated CyberEssentials page.

Secure data storage

Our online backup, cloud file storage and cloud service backups all use UK and EU data centres which are PCI-DSS 3.0 Certified for Managed Colocation, and are operated in compliance with ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 standards.   Data is encrypted to AES-256 level in transit as well as in storage, and our backup solutions are SEC 2 Type II audited and support HIPAA compliance needs.   We take security seriously so you don’t have to worry!


Backup and email security are also key parts of our security offering and something we speak to every client about during the onboarding process.

If you’d like to find out whether your IT system is secure, or are worried about protecting your data, why not drop us a line?


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