Backing up your data is vital but if you had to rely on that backup for more than just recovering a file, how long would your computer system be down?  How long can you cope without it? How quickly could you be back up and running after a fire, theft or flood?

Many of our clients told us that they would lose money, clients and reputation if they were without their computer systems for a day, let alone a couple of days or more.   The trouble was they couldn’t afford to spend a fortune on business continuity systems that they would probably (hopefully!) never have to use.

In response to this, Systemagic partner with Datto – a world leader in business continuity solutions designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses.   Our business continuity solutions make sure that you can be up and running within minutes even if your entire server goes up in a puff of smoke.  The systems are tailored specifically for your business, whether you have a small server or multiple servers running complicated applications.   Our team monitor and test the solution to make sure that if you need to use it, it works first time and gets you back up and running within minutes.   The bets bit? The price – completely affordable at all levels of business.  “A complete no-brainer” as one of our clients put it. Fancy a demo? We want to hear from you.

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