Microsoft Loop is a collaborative workspace platform developed by Microsoft. It integrates with Microsoft 365 and is designed to facilitate teamwork, communication and content creation within organisations. Loop provides a centralised space, where teams can collaborate on documents, tasks and discussions in real time.

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How Can Loop Help You?

Microsoft Loop enables teams to come together and effortlessly collaborate on projects. It provides a centralised space, where everything related to a project can be stored and managed, including meeting notes, documents, tasks, polls and updates.

It works seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 products, including Planner, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint.

What Problems Does Loop Solve?

Fragmented Communication

As a centralised space for project management, Loop keeps everyone on the same page. Users can make notes, write comments and add extra sections to meet their needs.

Switching Apps

As it natively integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps, Loop allows users to link and embed documents into a Loop page, preventing the need to switch between countless apps.

Version Control

Benefiting from Microsoft’s powerful version control feature, documents edited from within a Loop page will update the root document stored in SharePoint, ensuring that everyone (no matter how you access it) sees the most up-to-date version.


Integrating with Microsoft Planner, Loop makes delegating tasks to team members and tracking project management easy. If a team member updates a task in Microsoft Planner, it will automatically sync with Loop.

How Can You Use Loop?

Microsoft Loop is incredibly flexible and can be used in many circumstances, including project management, brainstorming, meetings, planning, marketing campaigns and much more.

Want to Learn More About Loop?

Download our Microsoft Loop PDF factsheet.

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