In today’s age, it’s hard to find a small business that doesn’t use IT systems as part of its daily operations – making small business IT support more important than ever. 

While larger businesses may boast in-house IT departments, we understand that small businesses are often restrained by budget and can’t justify the investment for an in-house team.  

This is where we come in

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For over 25 years, Systemagic has provided tailored IT solutions that cater to the unique needs of SMEs. Our services cover all areas of IT, including IT support, cloud computing, connectivity, hardware procurement and cybersecurity solutions.  

Choosing The Right Level of IT Support 

Many IT support providers offer one, all-inclusive package which is often expensive, includes services that many small businesses don’t need and on lengthy terms. 

We compare our small business IT support services to an ‘a la carte’ menu, where you can choose the services most suitable to your business and budget. 

As a result, our service is entirely scalable, enabling us to continue supporting you as your business grows and evolves. 

Please note, we don’t offer ad-hoc support. 

Remote IT Support vs On-Site IT Support 

Our small business IT support package includes unlimited remote IT support (during business hours). We have field techs who regularly visit clients for installations and removals, but most IT problems can be fixed from our office.  

Should you require an on-site visit, we have a dedicated project management team who arrange bookings and IT projects.

Why Choose Systemagic for IT Support?

We’ve been around since 1999 and have supported hundreds of small businesses with their IT. Whilst most IT companies look the same from the outside, here’s a few reasons why our customers describe us as ‘genuinely different’.

No Long-Term Contracts

We firmly believe that if we provide an excellent service, our customers will stay with us. We’re proud to still work with many of our customers from the early days.

Award-Winning Customer Service

As you can probably tell, doing a great job means a lot to us. We consistently achieve more than 99% customer satisfaction year-on-year and have won awards for our commitment to customer service. Our IT technicians complete regular customer service training, to ensure that they xxx


When you call us, we’ll talk to you in plain English and avoid complicated terms. We understand that not everyone wants to be bombarded with ‘geek speak’.

Fast Response & Resolution

IT problems cause disruption, that’s why we work hard to drive our average response and resolution times down. In 2023, our average response and resolution times were 23 minutes and 67 minutes respectively (this includes all tickets, not just the easy ones to make us look good).

IT Support FAQs

If your business relies on technology for day-to-day operations, data management, communications, or any other crucial aspect, having IT support can ensure that your systems are running smoothly.

In addition, small businesses often handle sensitive information, including customer data and financial records. IT support can help implement and maintain security measures to protect against data breaches and cyber threats.

Remote IT support eliminates the need for on-site visits, reducing travel costs and associated expenses. This can be more cost-effective for small businesses with limited budgets.

Remote support allows IT professionals to access your systems and troubleshoot issues quickly. This can lead to faster problem resolution, minimizing downtime for your business operations.

We're pleased to support small businesses with 5+ users.

The cost of techncial support for small businesses vary from business to business due to the number of users, licenses and add-ons such as cybersecurity. No one likes unexpected fees or costs, that’s why we are 100% transparent when we quote.

Every customer pays the same per-user price (we also offer non-profit pricing for registered charities) which keeps our pricing simple and fair. The only additional cost you’d incur is for unavoidable onsite visits, and project work when buying hardware or software. For a personalised quote, please get in touchwith our friendly team.

We're proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, Apple Certified Technician and ESET Gold Partner. You can view our awards and accreditations page for more details.

Need IT support for your small business?

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