Just like a car, a computer system runs better with regular servicing. Unlike most IT companies who simply let software automatically run maintenance, we make sure a real life human being logs in to your systems to double check the automated systems, carry our further tasks and test things like backups.

Some of the key benefits of system maintenance and monitoring include: 


Consistent performance

Increased productivity

Peace of mind

Preventative Action

Our clever software monitors your systems around the clock, alerting us to the early warning signs of issues and making us aware immediately if something has gone wrong.   Our maintenance technicians install software updates and run housekeeping tasks, and of course we make sure that your backup is running successfully and your security software is fully protecting you from threats.

We also keep a record of warranty status, creating every client a live road-map of warranty expiration and expected equipment refresh dates.  This enables easy budgeting with no surprises.

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