We are seeing an increasing demand for secure Wifi Solutions year-on-year. For many small and medium size organisations business wifi is an absolute necessity – allowing staff and guests to connect their mobile devices and computers to the Internet and letting you roam around your offices free from wires is something we see is increasingly important in the workplace. With more high-bandwidth applications being used every day – especially video calling – it’s hugely important to have wifi that can cope.

Our Business wifi solutions make sure that your wireless network is strong and reliable with no black spots, is secure with guests being allowed to access the internet but not your internal files or machines, and is fast no matter how many people try to use it at one time. Discover more from our technical team.

Our wifi solutions have been installed in:





Shops & retail outlets

Stately homes

Animal shelters

Coffee shops


On top of great coverage, fast speed and high security, our team monitor your system around the clock so that if one of the wireless access points fails we’ll know about it before you do and can reboot it remotely or change the system to cope while we arrange a replacement.

So, whether you’re a charity or hotel, operate a venue or run your business across multiple locations our team are happy to run through with you the benefits of a fully managed WIFI Solution that will enhance your business. Get the best solution for your business and schedule a call with our expert team for more information.


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