Hosted Exchange email from Systemagic takes away all the headaches that our clients used to find with having their own email server onsite.   With our solution, there’s no need to worry about taking lots of backups, email still works when your broadband goes down thanks to mobile devices, you always benefit from the latest technology and spam filtering, and the system is always fast, reliable and secure.

With solutions that include Microsoft’s 365 as well as business-grade Hosted Exchange, we make sure that our clients have a robust and secure email solution that simply works – all the time.  Discover more here!

Some of the benefits of Hosted Exchange Email include:


Because mailboxes simply run in the cloud there is no need to overspend on on-site hardware costs.


Did you know that all of your information remains secure when stored in hosted exchange servers?

No technical knowledge necessary

We take care of hosting, management and installing!

Customised email addresses& advanced mailbox features

In a nutshell, our Hosted Exchange solution is perfect for businesses who want reliable email,  however don’t always have the skillset or resources to run their own email servers in their own data centres.

If you’re still running your own email server, or have email that doesn’t synchronise between all of your devices, why not speak to our friendly team to see whether we can improve your productivity with our email solutions?

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