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We love SharePoint Online and think it offers the best file storage, collaboration and sharing solution. Best of all, if you already have Microsoft 365, it's free!

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We recommend Microsoft’s SharePoint Online for cloud storage.  It gives a secure file store which enables you to access your files from computers, mobile devices, tablets and even other people’s devices.   Its secure web interface lets you edit and share files from anywhere, and it even allows multiple users to work on the same document at once – perfect for collaboration and sharing. You’re given plenty of storage with your Microsoft 365 subscription and if your business needs even more then it can be expanded for a few pence per GB.

SharePoint also allows audit logging, granular file access permissions, sharing both inside your organisation and with external users, and automatic file version control.   When used in conjunction with OneDrive, files can be synchronised to your computer for use offline if an internet connection isn’t available.

We’ve successfully migrated countless businesses from other file storage solutions over to SharePoint Online, and if you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription then the best news is that SharePoint Online is included in your subscription. Book in your FREE demo today.

Some of our favourite business benefits of using SharePoint Online are:

Completely Cloud-Based, with an option for local file sync

The web-based platform is placed entirely on the Cloud allowing businesses who operate remotely or at multiple locations the benefit of accessing their files anywhere, at any time. For those who need to be able to work offline we can also use OneDrive to synchronise files to your device in the same way that Dropbox would, but with better control, security and configurability.

Cost – Effective

By allowing many businesses to move away from having a physical server, especially when combined with Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Azure Active Directory,  SharePoint reduces cost, saves on electricity and makes systems more secure, more flexible and more reliable!

Secure and Compliant

So many of our clients are finding that they have to prove how secure their IT systems and data storage are, especially where they’re in a supply chain with larger organisations.  SharePoint Online ticks all these boxes and Systemagic always configure to best practice security standards.   We can even add extra layers of security like Azure Information Protection if needed.    You can be assured that your systems, when based around SharePoint, will help you to pass even the most stringent IT security tests like ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Full Integration With Microsoft Office Platforms

If you use Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams or Word on a regular basis then SharePoint Online is fully integrated platform allows you to work effortlessly alongside other Office programs.   SharePoint makes it extremely simple to create and edit documents either through the browser or using the desktop applications.  Sharing is simple too – both inside and outside of your organisation.

Ability To Grow

Business can customise the platform to mirror their businesses branding and management have are able to give their team exactly what they need in terms of accessing key information.   SharePoint is a platform that will grow with your business and we’ve got clients from 2 to 500 users who all benefit from everyting SharePoint has to offer.

Our clients have consistently told us that they’ve found the move to SharePoint very simple, painless and easy to get used to, so drop us a line to find out how we can help you make the most of your Cloud File Storage solution.

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