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Improving your remote teams’ cyber security

Working from home is a new reality for many businesses worldwide and as we transition to a new way of life we’re seeing that remote teams are becoming the target of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. At Systemagic we believe it’s imperative that organisations understand the impacts of cyber-attacks on their remote teams which is why we’ve been busy helping our clients recognise ways that they can ensure their workforce maintains adequate security measures keeping their users and business secure. 

We’re sharing some of our key tips in enhancing cyber-security outside the regular office environment, check them out below.   

Secure Passwords

First thing’s first, password security remains key in keeping remote users secure, creating strong passwords and updating them regularly is vital. We suggest you use a password management system reminding users when to update their passwords. Some of the key requirements when formatting strong passwords are using a combination of lower and uppercase letters and including special characters like !, @ or ?.  Better yet, why not try a phrase or question rather than just a word?

Twofactor authentication

Two-factor authentication (sometimes called Multi factor authentication) is a process in which requires a second form of identification allowing users to safely access their sensitive data from any device across any location. You might have this for your online banking, where you need to receive a text or phone call, or use a phone app to generate a code.   This effective approach massively decreases the risk of a data breach and makes it much harder for hackers to access data because they need multiple devices in order to authenticate an account. Even if your password  is compromised, logins are still blocked because the hackers won’t have your second method of authentication.   


Providing your team with appropriate training tools is a great way of helping them not only understand the security risks when it comes to working remotely but also how to recognise the signs of malicious activity. Educating employees so they feel confident in spotting threats and creating employee guidelines to help them stay secure is a perfect solution to keeping your workforce safe and secure at home. We have recently launched a new Security Awareness Training program that gives users the knowledge and confidence in identifying cyber threats. 

Back It Up!

Having a clear solution for retrieving any loss of critical data is a necessity in any business. Ensuring backups are up to date and are being performed correctly is key, and something our expert technicians are hot on! Our online backup solution gives remote teams to access their data no matter where they are located making it the perfect solution in protecting important files in the event of an emergency.

There are a whole host of practices business can adopt to ensure they are working as securely as possible and working proactively with your employees is absolutely essential. If you’re looking to advance your knowledge or would like any further support in ensuring your team is safe and secure through creating employee guidelines for your workforce why not contact us today

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