Helpdesk Habits Training

This month, the team at Systemagic have all completed a customer service training course provided by Helpdesk Habits. Although we receive many feedbacks regarding how good our customer service is, we are always looking for ways we can improve, especially with something as important as customer service.

Customer Thermometer’s Mark Copeman created the Helpdesk Habits programme especially for solo IT pros, MSPs and corporate service desks to help teach both team members that may not have had training or experience in the world of customer service and those that have had experience with customer service but wish to develop their skills.

The training involved learning 50 habits through video training. Some of the subjects included attitude, communications, emotions, and tactics. Each module could only be completed once a question was answered to ensure the video had been watched in detail. The completion certificate was awarded once each team member had done a 25-question exam. We split the training up so each team member would take time out each week to do their own training, as well as group training every Wednesday morning.

All team members completed their training and final exam and are now Helpdesk superheroes. We are all looking forward to putting our newly learnt skills to practice and developing them as we go.

Pictured is Hazel, Jamie and Evie with their completed certificates.

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