Continuing to defy Mr Hansen with apprenticeships!

Systemagic are hugely committed to Apprenticeships.  As a company, we believe that the programme is essential for building the skills base that the country needs in general. We also think it’s vital to continue to supply talent on which our business is built.  We are huge advocates of the programme. As you may have seen from our blog we recruit one or two new apprentices every year, most of which stay and become integral members of our team.

Indeed, as I wrote in a blog last year I disagree with one of my favourite Liverpool legends that you can win things with “kids” and Systemagic’s investment in apprentices is one of the key attractions of the business when I invested in it in 2015.

So I am proud to say that as 2017 starts in earnest, we have seen Jack graduate to being a fully qualified helpdesk technician, Rhys is extremely close to doing the same and now we have begun to recruit our class of 2017 welcoming Joe to our happy band with a space for another apprentice soon to be filled!

I am extremely delighted to see that our investment in the apprentice programme and our amazing apprentices has been recognised yet again.  Not content with winning Micro employer of the Year in 2014 at the Bath and Bristol Apprenticeship Award and last year winning another award at Somerset Apprenticeship Awards 2016; last month we scooped the “Commitment to Apprenticeships” at the Yeovil College Apprenticeship Awards.

To say that I am proud of our company’s commitment to developing the amazing talent that the region has to offer is an understatement.  We have an amazing team, built on a foundation of new talent provided by the apprentice programme and I could not be happier that this commitment that runs throughout the company is recognised.

So as Chairman of the business I am extremely happy that the efforts of the apprentices and the team around them has been rewarded with yet another award.

If you or your company haven’t looked into the apprentice programme and seriously looked at the opportunities and benefits you really, really should and if you ever want to talk about it then please feel free to drop James or myself a line and we will happily talk through our experience with you or even let you discuss it with our amazing apprentices themselves!

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