6 Reasons Why You Should Migrate Your Files to SharePoint

Since the ‘WFH/hybrid working boom’, we have seen more and more organisations move their important business documents and files from on-site servers to cloud storage platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.  

The cloud is a key component to the success of remote working, as staff can access files securely from anywhere with an internet connection.  

Although Google Drive and Dropbox are comprehensive tools, some businesses are missing a trick when it comes to cloud storage. Especially if you pay for and use Microsoft 365, such as Office, Teams and Outlook.  

Within Microsoft’s 365 packages, you will find SharePoint, Microsoft’s very own collaborative platform, where users can manage documents, content, knowledgebases, and projects.  

In this blog, we look at 6 reasons why you should migrate your documents and files to SharePoint.  

1. Collaboration 

SharePoint makes collaboration easy between you and your team. With real-time document editing, multiple users can view and make changes to a file at the same time. SharePoint even allows you to collaborate with external users, which is extremely useful if you work with agencies and other partner organisations. It also avoids duplicated copies of documents and trying to figure out which is the newest version. 

Files can be shared seamlessly through Teams and also on other third-party channels via links.  

2. Security 

Your files and documents are safe when stored in SharePoint. Meeting all the latest compliance standards, Microsoft ensures that its data centres are heavily protected both digitally and physically.  

You can also enable 2-Factor Authentication on your Microsoft account, which adds an extra layer of security to your most important assets 

We speak more about the importance of 2FA in this blog.  

3. Backup and recovery options 

Losing an important file can be stressful and take a lot of time to recover. Backup and recovery tools, such as Saas Protection, take 3x backups a day of your entire Microsoft 365 account, including all your files and emails.  

4. Search capabilities 

Searching for a document in SharePoint is extremely easy and can be done in just a few clicks. You can search for:  

  • Document name 
  • Document creator 
  • Document contents 
  • Folders 

Therefore, if you don’t know the exact file you’re looking for, search makes it easy to find it. 

 5. Easy moderation 

Content stored within SharePoint can be moderated on a user level, allowing you to grant permission to specific users for specific files and areas. For example, private and confidential information kept by HR and finance departments can only be accessed by that personnel.   

6. Cut costs 

Every organisation is feeling the squeeze amidst the current economic uncertainty. With businesses trying to cut costs where they can, it makes sense to use all of the tools readily available.  

As SharePoint is included in your Microsoft 365 license, you can cut any unnecessary cloud storage costs by migrating your files to SharePoint.  

Obviously, as well as cutting costs, there are also plenty of other benefits as we discussed at the start of the blog, which can help increase productivity within your business. 

If you would like to learn more about migrating your files to SharePoint, please contact us today at info@systemagic.co.uk or call us on 01225 426800 to speak to a member of our team.  

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