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4 simple ways to spot suspect Emails

In 2019 Phishing attempts grew by 65% worldwide, and as technology continues to evolve, scammers are continuously attempting to take advantage of businesses at a more sophisticated level. Luckily, there are some really simple ways to detect a scam before you become a victim. Our Helpdesk Technician, Adam has created an Ebook in which will help you and your business recognise malicious emails when they hit your inbox. Adams go-to check list in spotting suspect Emails include: 

Display names and addresses

Suspect Emails quite often come from an address that appears to be genuine or familiar. The biggest thing hackers hope you miss are the errors within their contact details. Upon initial inspection of a dodgy email, the display name may look familiar, but we recommend you check and check again. 

Assume all links and attachments are bad

A great rule of thumb is to assume all links are bad, regardless of who they come from. Even if a link has come from an email address you recognise, it doesn’t mean the link is safe. Having antivirus protection in place to scan attachments are vital in catching hackers in their tracks.

Formatting odd language

A large majority of social engineering attacks are launched by users that may not speak English as their first language. Unusual formatting, spelling and grammatical mistakes are common components of a phishing email.

Fake login screens

If something doesn’t look quite right in your inbox, the key thing to remember is you don’t have to log in from a link sent to you in an email. You can make your own way to the website in question and log in directly.

Once you start looking for the signs of a suspicious email, you’ll be chucking them into the junk in no time! Download your copy of ‘spotting suspect emails’ by clicking here and make sure you share it with the rest of your team! If you’d like any further information on how else you can protect your business from malicious emails then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly support technicians today.

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