What You Need To Know About Backing Up Your M365 Account

Imagine, if all of the data in your business’ Microsoft 365 account got deleted and was deemed irrecoverable (including emails and SharePoint files).

How long would your business survive without them?

For most businesses, there would be no comeback.

Of course, we don’t expect our emails and files to just ‘disappear’ in a flash, but as a result of human error, malicious activity, misconfigured workflows or a cyberattack, it is a possibility.

Although Microsoft does back up Office 365, its protection is based on a shared-responsibility model in which Microsoft are responsible for:

  • Securing their data centres
  • Ensuring uptime and privacy
  • Protecting their data centres and hardware during natural disasters and power outages

However, you are responsible for protecting your data from human error, malicious activity and cyberattacks. If your account and files are compromised for any of these reasons, there is little Microsoft can and will do.

To Delete or To Not Delete?

In recent years, there has been a major uplift in employee churn across all sectors as millennials have developed a reputation for ‘job-hopping’ from one company to another. In fact, research shows that one-third of UK workers are considering a career change in 2022.

Although HR departments and personnel manage the process of employees departing and new hires joining, it also encroaches on IT.

When an employee leaves, surely it makes sense to cancel their M365 account as it’s an unnecessary financial cost? After all, the employee won’t be using it anymore.


When a Microsoft 365 account is deleted, files also created by that user will be deleted. Therefore, if your Financial Director, Marketing Manager or Head of HR leaves, important company files will be lost. And there will be nothing Microsoft can do about it.

All Is Not Lost

Although this may seem like a pain, all is not lost. If you back up your users’ M365 account, not only are you protected in the event of a cyberattack or accidental deletion but it also means you can cancel any unused M365 account licenses.

How Do I Back Up My M365 Account?

There are many backup options available when it comes to Microsoft 365. Systemagic’s SaaS Protection solution is a simple, yet effective tool to back up your Microsoft 365 account, including all of your emails, files, contacts and calendars.

Customers using our SaaS Protection solution benefit from:

  • 3x backups a day
  • No on-site infrastructure
  • Peace of mind that their data is safe
  • Quick and easy reinstall of data
  • Cost-effective pricing

For more information on our Saas Protection solution, please download our product sheet, or contact us via the form below for a quote.

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