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What is Full Disk Encryption?

You’ve likely heard of encryption before, especially when it comes to messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.  

Put simply, encryption means that data or text is converted into an alternative format that only certain devices and software can read and decipher. 

Think of it like writing a letter in English and then translating it to Spanish. Now this letter can only be read and ‘deciphered’ by someone who speaks the language. 

What Is Full Disk Encryption? 

Full disk encryption works in the same way, but it encrypts the data stored on your hardware. For example, your laptop or computer.  

Encrypting the data stored on your machine is very important. Especially if your device gets lost or stolen, as it means that only you and those authorised to access your disks can. 

It’s a great way to protect sensitive customer information and comply with data protection laws, for example, GDPR.  

How Can I Get Full Disk Encryption? 

If you’re a Systemagic customer and would like to enable full disk encryption on your device(s), please contact our Technical Director, Chris Sweet, on 01225 426800 to discuss your options. 

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