What Are The New Features in Microsoft Outlook for Windows?

Some of you may have already noticed, but Microsoft has released a new version of Outlook for Windows.  

In this blog, we dive deeper and take a look at the new features included in Microsoft Outlook and how you can make the switch yourself. 

Look and Feel 

The new Outlook has a very sleek and minimalist feel to it and looks very similar to Microsoft’s web version.  

With a sleeker design, certain features and buttons have moved, which may cause some initial confusion. 

Top Ribbons 

In the new Outlook, the quick view ribbon is simplified, which you may like. However, if you prefer the old ribbon style, you can re-enable it in two clicks.  

  1. Click the small drop-down arrow to the right of the ribbon
  2. Select ‘Classic Ribbon’ 

This feature is also available in the web version.  

Density Tab 

Do you find that your emails are too squashed together? Don’t fret.  

Under the ‘View’ tab, you can change the spacing between emails, subject lines and senders.  

Simply head to ‘Density’ and choose from either roomy, cosy or compact. 

Settings Tab 

In the old version of Outlook, the settings tab could be found near the ‘Home’ button. However, in the new Outlook, it can be found along the top bar as a cog icon.  

General Settings 

You will find an option called ‘General Settings’ within’ Settings’. In here, you can really begin to customise Outlook with different themes and light options.  

Microsoft To Do 

The integration between Microsoft To Do and Outlook isn’t anything new, however, it’s gotten much better (and less clunky).  

Within the top bar of Outlook, you’ll find a calendar titled ‘My Day’ – this enables you to access both your calendar and to do tab with ease.  

One really useful feature that Microsoft has introduced is the ability to drag emails into your to do list.  

Snooze Emails 

Inboxes can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you receive numerous emails per day.  

The snooze email feature is an excellent tool which can help you manage and prioritise your inbox by redelivering an email at a later date.  

Snoozed emails can be found in a file called ‘Snoozed’ until they’re redelivered. 

Pin Emails 

Pinning emails is nothing new, but it’s a super handy way to refer to important emails on a regular basis. 

When you pin an email (or emails), they will appear at the top of your inbox – even when new emails come in.  

To pin an email, simply right-click the email and select ‘Pin’. 

If you want to unpin an email, right-click the email and choose ‘Unpin’.  

Scheduled Send 

This feature has caused a stir within the Systemagic office, with split opinions about its usefulness.  

Schedule email does what it says in the tin – it enables users to schedule an email to send at a specific time/date.  

This is a great feature if you work late in the evening and don’t want to interrupt colleagues during the night – you can simply schedule the email to be delivered in the morning.  

Note: Some users have reported that scheduled emails were only sent when their device was powered on and connected to the internet – not very useful if you schedule emails before going on holiday. 

How to schedule an email 

Select ‘New Email’.  

Click the dropdown next to ‘Send’ and click ‘Schedule Email’ and select a time and date you want to send it.  

How You Can Get The New Outlook 

Switching to the new version of Outlook is easy.  

Simply head to the top right-hand corner of your screen (near the close/expand tab) and flick the ‘Try the new Outlook’ toggle to ‘On’.  

Once you’ve done this, Outlook will close and the new version should reopen. 

I Don’t Like The New Outlook, How Can I Switch Back?  

If you don’t like the new version of Outlook and want to switch back to the old version, simply slide the top right-hand toggle to ‘Off’ and Outlook should close and reopen as normal. 

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