We Bust 6 Myths About Cybersecurity

Unfortunately, very few people take cybersecurity as seriously as they should. Or at least not until it’s too late.  

With new types of online scams emerging each week, businesses should ramp up cybersecurity awareness amongst their employees to help protect them against cyber threats.  

With so much misinformation circulating about cybersecurity, we have busted 6 common myths about cyber protection to help you stay safe online. 

To summarise:

  1. Small businesses are safe from cyberattacks: No they’re not
  2. Cyberattacks aren’t all that bad: They can be
  3. Macs don’t get viruses: Yes they do
  4. Cybersecurity is too expensive: No it’s not
  5. Antivirus is enough: No it’s not
  6. The IT department is responsible for cybersecurity: Not exactly

Small Businesses Are Safe from Cyberattacks 

With major breaches hitting news headlines regularly, you may feel like your small business would never be considered as a target as your data has little-to-no value to a hacker. 

With this belief, you may have a ‘more relaxed approach’ to cyber security and lower your defences.  

However, hackers can find value in any data and exploit it for their own personal gain, making your small business as equal of a target as your bigger competitors. 

According to Security Magazine, 43% of cyberattacks target SMEs. 

 Cyberattacks Aren’t All That Bad 

Hackers use a variety of cyberattacks for different reasons. For example, a phishing scam will be used to steal user data, including login details, personal information and bank card numbers. Whereas a ransomware attack will see malicious software (also known as malware) installed on your device which will prevent access to your network’s key components.  

Learn more about different types of cyberattacks 

Any form of cyber-attack can be paralysing for a business. Truth be told, most small businesses that fall victim to a cyberattack struggle to bounce back due to the cost, therefore, it’s always better (and cheaper) to prevent the attack from happening.  

Macs Don’t Get Viruses

One of the most common cybersecurity myths we hear is that macOS devices don’t need an antivirus. This is simply not true.   

Whilst Apple devices run a different operating system to Windows, an increasing number of malware has been developed for macOS. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use an antivirus no matter the operating system your device uses.  

As an ESET Gold Partner, our team is experienced in the optimal set-up of ESET security solutions for both Windows and Mac computers.  

IT Technicians setting up a Macbook Pro

Cybersecurity Is Too Expensive 

This leads us to myth number 4 – that cybersecurity is too expensive for small businesses.  

As with anything, there are premium versions of products and services, entry-level or budget versions and cybersecurity is no different.   

Every business is feeling the cost-of-living squeeze, which may tempt you to cut back on cybersecurity spending. However, we must advise you against this.  

Cybersecurity-conscious organisations with larger budgets will naturally have more defences than businesses with smaller budgets.

But there are plenty of cybersecurity solutions on the market to suit every business. 

‘Our Antivirus Will Protect Us’ 

Whilst antivirus software is designed to protect your business against cyber threats, it shouldn’t be your first line of defence 

Many users believe as they have antivirus, they can be careless when browsing online as their ‘antivirus will protect them’.

Whilst this is somewhat true, it is still the user’s responsibility to use their computer safely.  

Your employees should be your first line of defence during a cyberattack and cyber awareness should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.  

Our IT Department Is Responsible for Cybersecurity 

On that note, many also believe that only the IT department is responsible for cybersecurity.

Whilst your internal or outsourced IT department may set policies, training and procedures, everyone is responsible for playing their part and being safe online.  

Are You Looking for Cybersecurity Help?  

As a managed service provider, we support businesses of all shapes and sizes with their IT, including cybersecurity services.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact our friendly team of IT Technicians and Cybersecurity Wizards at info@systemagic.co.uk  

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