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There are a whole host of reasons why organisations should make the move from their traditional phone system and switch to VoIP and as more businesses continue to operate remotely we’ve been busy helping our clients understand why VOIP is the perfect telephone solution for working across multiple locations. Instead of using standard telephone lines, VoIP lets users make and receive calls over the Internet. It can use traditional telephone handsets or software on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.   We’ve listed 4 reasons we believe businesses should take the plunge to VoIP if they haven’t already. 

Money Saving

VoIP allows users to make calls through an existing Internet connection, and with lower maintenance costs compared to running a traditional internal system we have helped our clients save hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of pounds on their annual telephone costs! One client saved over £8,000 on phone system charges by moving to our phone system.   

Remote Capabilities

VoIP is great for connecting remote and flexible workers allowing users to be connected to the business phone system from any location and any device. Users can take their handsets home and use them in exactly the same fashion as they would in the regular office environment, or use software on their computer, tablet or mobile phone.   Bluetooth headsets are very popular for hands-free calling too.

Scalable – up and down

In comparison to a regular landline VoIP allows users to easily scale up or down in line with their changing requirements. Organisations can add and remove extensions as your business develops meaning you only ever pay for the resources you need. This has been brilliant at allowing some clients to reduce their phone system costs during recent months, but know they can scale back up quickly when needed.

No hassle, no fuss!

With 10 years experience implementing business telephone systems, we’re confident that setting up and moving to VoIP is hassle free for almost all businesses.   You can even keep your existing numbers!  

Not only is VoIP an essential tool to support remote working it offers a full range of benefits that a traditional landline based telephone system just can’t compete with. If you’re looking for a reliable, cost effective and secure phone system for your business we’ve been helping clients implement VoIP into their infrastructure for over 10 years. Fancy more information on how you can improve your telephone system? Or would you like a quote? Lets chat!

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