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Time to embrace Windows 10?

Microsoft are offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade to anyone using Windows 7 or 8, but only until July 31st. In fact there’s a good chance that your PC is already prompting you to upgrade. Over 300 million have already upgraded to Windows 10 and use it daily, so Microsoft is clearly doing something right!

With the free upgrade period coming to an end very shortly, some users of Microsoft’s older systems may be unsure whether to upgrade or not so we’ve pulled together a few benefits that may tempt you to ride the Windows 10 wave while it’s free! Upgrading typically takes up to one hour and in our experience is usually completely pain-free.

Systemagic’s Top 5 Reasons to Embrace Windows 10:

1.Guaranteed updates

It comes with the promise of more free updates from Microsoft. If you update to Windows 10 whilst it’s a freebie you won’t have to pay for any other Windows updates – if you choose not to update in this period, you will have to put your hands in your pockets.

2.Better user interface:

Visually, Win 10 looks a lot slicker than Windows 7 and 8.1. There are more customisation options like the Windows spotlight service which gives a different wallpaper every day, and finding the file or program you want is now much easier.


This intelligent virtual assistant can now be found on laptops and PCs – not just Windows Phones. Like Siri on the iPhone, Cortana allows you to control elements of your PC with voice activation. It also allows you to make web searches – just ask Cortana to find something and she’ll do the work for you.

4.Integration with your mobile device of choice:

In Win 10, not only is Microsoft deepening the integration, but they are also adding in support for more phones on other operating systems, allowing you to share text messages and notifications through the cloud using Cortana.. In essence, you get a great amount of compatibility between your phone and your PC so that they start to work together to help you be more productive.

5. The geeky reasons

Behind the scenes Windows 10 is faster, more secure, and more stable and will benefit from Microsoft’s full attention to keep it this way.   We’ve had clients comment that upgrading their PC to Windows 10 has given it a new lease of life and saved money they would otherwise have spent on a new computer.

So there you have it, our top 5 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10 while it’s free. You’ve got until the 29th of July to make your decision, what will you do? Why not let us know on twitter?

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