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Systemagic Reduces Carbon Footprint By 11.2%

We know how important our carbon footprint is to the supply chain reporting of many of our clients.  

As a climate conscious business, it’s equally important to us.  

Over the years, we have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint and business activity’s impact on the planet.  

We’re pleased to report that our overall carbon emissions have fallen by 11.2% in our most recent financial year. 

We successfully implemented all six of our carbon reduction initiatives last year.  

This year, we’re introducing a further two.  

These will concern travel, particularly how we ensure that we only make necessary trips/client visits and that when we do, they’re as climate friendly as possible. 

Our Emissions 

97% of our carbon footprint falls into Scope 3. Therefore, we will work hard with our suppliers to convince them to make their products and services more sustainable and to explore suitable alternatives that are more carbon friendly.  

Our full emissions report, conducted in full compliance with the GHG Protocol’s Corporate Standard, is available on request. 

Mileage Fee for Site Visits – UN Gold Standard Offsets 

From the 1 August 2024, we will be introducing a carbon offset charge for all technician visits. Onsite visits are very few and far between these days, so this will affect very few customers in practice – most customers haven’t had an onsite visit in years, if ever.  

This charge will go directly towards purchasing UN Gold Standard Carbon Offsets, high-quality verified carbon offsets which meet at least 8 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and will help to mitigate the carbon footprint of the travel. 

More details will be shared with you via email.  

To learn more about how we’re reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the environment, visit our carbon neutral strategy page.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Seedling for their continued support and guidance throughout our sustainability journey.  

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