Mitchell Thomas and James Eades

Systemagic brings 100-year-old business into the 21st Century

The IT team at Systemagic have worked their charm on an historic joinery firm by bringing them into the modern era of technology.

Hawker Joinery, based in Batheaston, near Bath, is 98 years old. They have provided bespoke joinery products to customers nationwide for almost a century!

However its IT ‘system’ was definitely stuck in the past. Complete with typewriter.

James Eades, managing director of Systemagic, said: “Visiting the premises for the first time was like stepping back in time. It’s amazing to see the skill and craftsmanship of a company with such a rich history.

“However their IT system consisted of one old-fashioned computer, a chair and an old typewriter. In this modern era, the company needed to embrace technology or it would soon become invisible to new customers. The team realised that.

Hawker Joinery has a team of 15. They make bespoke products including windows, doors and staircases. This is particularly important in listed buildings with strict regulations around modernising and updating important fixtures and fittings.

Mitchell Thomas is the commercial director of Hawker Joinery.

He said: “We did need to modernise and we needed expert help to do it.  We were still writing quotations on paper and sometimes hand-delivering those quotations. While some people might think that’s quaint and old-fashioned, others find it time consuming and frustrating.

“There is an expectation now that people can get the answers they need in a timely manner.

The team at Systemagic have installed a modern IT system. This including fibre broadband, VoIP telephones, new PCs, printers and an accounts and quoting system which supercharges the invoicing process.

Mitchell said: “This new technology has given us a new lease of life. Processes which were time-consuming have become quick and easy which is allowing us to get on with the profession we love, making excellent bespoke joinery products to the highest standards.”

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