How well did your provider prepare you for remote working in lockdown?

As many people are becoming used to working from home, whether it be by choice or necessity, businesses all over the country have had to adapt to ensure remote working doesn’t result in a decline in efficiency. 

We sat down with client John Readman, Founder and CEO of Modo25 based in Leeds to discuss the challenges of remote working and how Systemagic helped the agency operate seamlessly supporting team members based in Leeds, London, Prague and Melbourne both before and during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Systemagic were employed to ensure the IT solutions for digital marketing agency Modo25 not only fit the requirements of a rapidly expanding business with significant growth plans but also deliver consistent, uninterrupted access and communication across the businesses network allowing the entire team to work from anywhere, anytime as securely, reliably and as efficiently as if they were all in one location.  

We asked John Readman:

What has your general experience been like working with Systemagic?

Overall i’d say it’s been great. Both from acquiring kit point of view right through to sorting out Office 365 and conference phones. We’ve been using you for everything!

Did the fact Systemagic were based so far away create any problems?

The guys are excellent over the phone, distance isn’t a barrier to entry. We’re based in Leeds and they’ve actually supported one of our team who is based in Melbourne so it’s a global solution for us.

Why did you choose to work with Systemagic?

The people, the service, the way you’ve got the commercial arrangements with the licensing and the big providers, it made things very easy for us and it’s worth every penny.

Are there any challenges for your team being based in so many different places?

Systemagic gave us a lot of advice on how we should set up and what tech we needed to use. It was on your advice we went with Office 365, that then meant we got Teams included which has now become a part of our business operation of how we do things. We always had the view people can work from home so having the right tech with the right software has been really important, so it hasn’t been a challenge but what has been good is if people do have a problem whilst working from home your guys can deal with it as if they were sat in the office. As long as they have access to the internet your team supports and it’s been absolutely brilliant!

Having the setup we have now means when we did have to work from home during lockdown it wasn’t a problem at all – we had no downtime. Everybody went home, turned their computers on and could do their job.

Do you have any tips for businesses working in multiple locations?

Be consistent with the number of channels you’re going to use. Try and limit the number of channels you’re using and try and keep everything as standard. The big thing that’s been super helpful for us is SharePoint and OneDrive which again Systemagic set up for us, with that it means people can work collaboratively on documents – it works really well. The caveach of that is having appropriate Internet speeds to take advantage of that. The fact that most of the apps such as Teams or different versions of Office are all available on your phone, it’s seamless these days. It’s great.

Our team was completely confident that we would be able to support Modo25 throughout this period of expansion and we were thrilled to provide their team all the tools they needed no matter where they were located allowing them to work remotely with zero disruption. As working from home becomes even more popular take a look at our full case study sharing the work we provided for Modo25 here. You can also watch our full interview with John Readman here

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