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Purchasing new kit for your team? Our home working essentials

Keeping your team working productively and happily is key for remote teams, and with COVID changing working patterns for good as we fall into yet another lockdown we’re seeing an increasing number of our clients choosing to work from home indefinitely. If your business has implemented remote or flexible working as a permanent solution, ask yourself does your team have the right kit in order to work productively in their new setup? We’ve listed our top 3 essential items when it comes to working from home and purchasing new kit:   


Working from home can come with a handful of distractions which is why having the right headset allows users to stay productive throughout the day. Using a headset opposed to a generic telephone frees your team to work more efficiently and can even reduce back pain caused by holding a handset. We recommend Jabra headsets and have found these to be the most comfortable, reliable and best quality.   There’s a choice of one or two speakers – our advice is that two is much more comfortable and avoids distractions from other ambient noise.  We’ve been busy helping our clients source headsets with good audio quality, long battery life and smartphone compatibility so contact us if you’d like help sourcing the right ones for your business. 


A lot of our clients have had to transition from working on a desktop computer to a laptop or have had to reduce from dual-screens to just the one.  Although this may work on a temporary basis how long is it sustainable for in terms of productivity and comfort? Having a monitor to connect a laptop to whilst working from home can make the world of difference when it comes to keeping your users focused. Providing your team with an appropriate monitor will allow them to access their applications easier and of course, see more clearly. With monitors starting from as little as £90 we think it’s a no-brainer, and our team can help ensure that whatever monitor you choose has the correct connections for your laptop.  These monitors can then be re-used back in the office if you return from remote working too.

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

A wireless keyboard and mouse is our final must-have when it comes to creating the best home working setup. Wireless kit provides portability and flexibility benefits for home users allowing them to set up their home office in comfort. If your team are working between both the office and home environment then wireless equipment is also a travel friendly solution. Laptop keyboards are great but we find a lot of users prefer a desktop-style keyboard and a proper mouse when working for any length of time.   We recommend Microsoft keyboards with AES encryption – the batteries last forever and they’re comfortable use and extremely easy to set up.

When you buy hardware from us you don’t just get competitive prices, all our equipment is given the Systemagic treatment before it reaches you. So, if you’d like any further information about purchasing new kit for your business requirements or how your team can best operate remotely then get in touch with one of our friendly team today.

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