Does your business need help migrating to SharePoint Online?

Here at Systemagic we’ve been working with businesses to help them work even more efficiently by migrating them over to SharePoint Online. The huge shift to remote working in 2020 has meant barely a week goes by without a project helping a business move their data to this solution.  

Ensuring our clients have the best tools on hand to make their business operate seamlessly is an absolute must, which is why when they chose to migrate to SharePoint Online we make sure the process is quick and easy with minimal disruption. 

We love helping our clients migrate to SharePoint for a number of reasons.. 

The solution is completely cloud-based which means you can access it from any device.

Users have the option to work on documents simultaneously allowing effortless collaboration.

SharePoint is compatible with both Apple and windows machines.

The application is the perfect solution to complement flexible workers giving them access to important files no matter where they are located.

Files are totally compliant with document history, access control and strong data permissions. There is no need to worry your files aren’t secure.

If you have an existing Microsoft 356 subscription then SharePoint online is included for free as part of your package.

Our clients tell us that they find SharePoint easy to use and the migration process was stress free. Our Microsoft certified team has carried out lots of SharePoint Online projects lately, so if you’re considering migrating to SharePoint but you’re not quite sure where to start our awesome team are available to support your business with all of its SharePoint requirements and make sure you’re looked after throughout. If you’d like more information on how Systemagic can support your business then give us a shout!


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