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Back to basics with Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists is an app within Microsoft Teams that allows users to track and organise their workload, the key focus being making it easy to prioritise and stay on track of important tasks. We’ve highlighted some of the FAQ’s surrounding Microsoft Lists that may help you decide if the platform would add value to your daily workflow.

What is Lists?

You guessed it, Lists is an application designed to work with Teams and SharePoint. The app helps keep track of various forms of data whether that be contacts, inventory, tasks and so much more. It also integrates with Outlook so it’s easy to schedule a follow-up to emails.

Why do I need Lists?

Lists allows users to create lists directly as a channel tab in Microsoft Teams.  If you have Microsoft 365 then Lists is automatically included within your subscription. If you like all your go-to tools in one centralised location, Lists is for you. 

Is it easy to create a list?

To create a new list you simply click ‘new list’ and you can then create a blank list from scratch or import data directly from Excel. Microsoft rolled out a number of different templates making it super simple to create your first list. The app has been designed to allow users to create, share and monitor lists simply with any user from any device. 

Can I share my list?

The great thing about Microsoft Lists is you can track the progress of both your personal work as well as the shared projects you’re working on with others. You can also add lists to your ‘favourites’ making it easy to manage lists users need to access more frequently. 

Can I access Lists on the go?

Keep your eyes peeled as we can soon expect to be able to edit Lists on the move as the app comes to iOS. 

Would you like more information on integrating Microsoft Lists and other Microsoft Office 365 tools into your daily operations?  Contact us for more information. 


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