Microsoft Copilot’s Latest Updates (July 2024)

A few months ago, we set Fiona the task of trialing Microsoft Copilot and documenting her experience using this new AI-driven tool.  

Since then, Microsoft has made further updates to Copilot, enhancing its capabilities and expanding who can use Copilot. 

So, we wanted to share some of these awesome new features with you. 

Who Can Use Copilot?

When Microsoft first launched Copilot, only those with premium Microsoft subscriptions could enrol.

However, Microsoft has since extended Copilot’s availability to the following license types:

Microsoft 365 E5 / E3 Microsoft 365 F1 / F3 Microsoft 365 Business Basic
Microsoft 365 Business Premium Microsoft 365 Business Standard Microsoft 365 Apps for Business
Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise Office 365 E5 / E3 / E1 / F3 Exchange Plan 1 & 2

For a full list of license types, please visit the Microsoft’s website.

Copilot for Outlook (Windows)

The first exciting development is that Copilot is now available in the classic version of Outlook for Windows. Originally, Copilot only worked with the new version of Outlook, which many users didn’t like.  

However, following feedback and testing, those running the older version of Outlook can now enjoy all the features Copilot has for email and calendar management.  

Copilot for Word 

If you’re creating a brochure or report, Copilot can now write it for you pulling information from up to three Word documents, PDFs or PowerPoint presentations.  

Although this may not provide you with a polished end-product, it could save you hours researching and collating the information you need to get started.  

It’s important to note that you must have permission to access the referenced files within your organisation’s SharePoint or OneDrive.  

Copilot for PowerPoint 

If you’ve got a PowerPoint presentation prepared, but no agenda yet, Copilot can create one from a simple prompt.  

By asking Copilot to ‘add an agenda slide’, it will pull all of the key points from your presentation into one deck.  

From here, you can share an agenda with colleagues and other key stakeholders.  

Image Creation

If you’re finding it hard to find the ‘perfect’ image for your PowerPoint slides (or Word documents), you can ask Copilot to find a suitable stock photo with a simple prompt OR it can create an AI image for you to use.

Copilot for PDFs 

Following multiple user requests, Microsoft Copilot can now easily compare numerous contracts, articles and proposals – making decision making even easier.  

After scanning through the document(s), Copilot can list key differences between them. 

In addition, Copilot can now summarise PDF documents. Saving you time trawling through lots of paragraphs to find the information you need.  

Copilot for Excel

Microsoft has also improved Copilot’s capability within Excel.

Users no longer have to pre-format spreadsheets and questions (and answers) are much more conversational.

Want to Learn More About Copilot? 

If you’d like to try Microsoft Copilot for yourself, why not talk to our friendly team, who will be more than happy to set you up with a license and get you started with useful hints and tips.  

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