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Make video calling more efficient with our top tips

As appetite for longer term working from home continues to grow so does the need for efficient video calling. The demand for being more ‘personal’ over video and minimising technical issues is greater than ever and whether you’re on a conference call with your team, meeting a potential new client or conducting an interview it’s vital your video call runs without a glitch.

We’ve listed our top tips you can follow to demonstrate you mean business when it comes to building and maintaining relationships over video. Check them out below!

Video quality is key

When your days are filled with video calls it’s super important your webcam is sufficient in quality. The best webcams on the market have at least 1080p resolution so if you’re looking to upgrade yours talk to us! Most laptops will have an HD quality webcam, but we’re seeing more demand for the very best quality including 4K.   You might also want to consider the lighting – many clients have found that a cheap “selfie light” like the one pictured can make a world of difference.  They’re usually USB powered and only a few pounds to buy.

Have a backup plan

Technology isn’t always bulletproof therefore we suggest you have a backup plan if your tech fails. Ensure you have a contact number to hand for the person you’re meeting with just in case something does go wrong and you’re unable to reconnect.

Reboot your computer

Rebooting your computer before jumping on a video call not only boosts performance it also frees up memory from the applications you’re no longer using. This little tip can transform the video call experience and takes just a few minutes.

Make eye contact

During a video meeting are you looking at your camera or the person on screen? Looking directly into your webcam allows you to build better engagement with whoever you’re speaking to as it gives them the impression you’re looking directly at them. With so many non-verbal clues and communication lost when video calling, this simple tip can make a huge difference when building relationships.

Close your applications

Applications that send notifications can be an immediate distraction for both you and the person on the end of the call. Everyone on the call can hear those “new email” dings! Closing all your apps avoids those annoying pings making an appearance mid conference call.

Taking notes?

If you’re planning to take notes during your call then it’s always best practice to let the person you’re speaking to know this so it doesn’t look like you’re using your phone out of shot.

Non-essential devices

Shutting down all non-essential devices on your home network (sorry kids, no PlayStation today) can make a huge difference to the quality of your video stream.   Admittedly this is easier now that schools are open again!

Dress Code

We’ve discussed with our clients their views of dress code whilst working remotely. Most feel it’s acceptable to stay casual in most circumstances however we believe that putting on a smart jumper or shirt can show that you’ve made an effort. We think it’s worth doing if the call is with an important or potential new customer.

So there you have it, our top tips in making the video calling process seamless. If you’d like any more advice or fancy upgrading your webcam to make your calls run effortlessly get in touch with our friendly team today. Maybe you have some tips you’d add to the list? Let us know!

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