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Could this little box save your business?

If your business runs a server then no doubt you’ll recognise how important that single piece of equipment is.  Imagine if it was switched off for half a day or a day – could you continue to work or would you find it difficult to carry on as normal? Could this little box save your business?

This is why we take backups – so that if a virus strikes, your software corrupts or the server has a physical failure then your data is safe.  However it takes time to recover from a backup – it’s not uncommon for a Ransomware infection to take all day to recover from, and often replacement parts are on next-day delivery at best if something goes physically wrong.   Consider the cost of a day without your server plus the associated labour costs – these can easily mount up to many thousands of pounds.

For years big businesses have spent money on Business Continuity systems, which take over within an instant of a server issue and keep the company running as normal.

This technology typically costs serious money though, putting it out of reach for many small and medium sized businesses.  However we’ve been working with a US company who have now set up shop in the UK to provide Business Continuity at a price that makes it not only affordable to SMEs, but makes it a complete no-brainer.

If you’re a client you’ll know that we don’t recommend anything until we’ve used it ourselves so for the past few months we’ve had our systems covered by this little black box.   If we pull the plug on our main server we can fire up this clever little black box and within 5 minutes we’re operating as normal as if nothing had happened.   If our whole office was go go up in flames and take this box with it then we have a cloud-based copy of our server to connect to so even then we’d still have our systems up and running.   As an added bonus we also get a whole year’s worth of backups kept online in case we lose or overwrite an important file.

This device does so much to keep your business up and running that we could fill 2 or 3 blog posts.   What many people care most about is the price though – at the end of the day most people see it as an insurance policy, just in case.   Let’s put it this way – it’s less than the cost of your daily coffee!

If you’d like to find out more about keeping your business working regardless of server outage or virus infection, routine maintenance or disaster, why not get in touch and we’ll be happy to demonstrate it in action!

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