It’s time to embrace SharePoint Online

Microsoft have announced they now have 75 million daily active users of Teams and using the platform along with SharePoint Online enables businesses to quickly adapt to working from home. As we settle down to a remote-working-routine the past couple of months have seen our team introduce Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online to a HUGE number of clients and it’s something that can be done fully remotely with very little disruption.  

Microsoft Office 365 (now renamed to Microsoft 365, which is snappier!) has been a godsend in recent months helping countless businesses operate as close to normally as possible, but to those who haven’t quite yet taken the plunge to using all of Microsoft 365’s features we’ve listed some of the frequently asked questions we receive from clients who are looking to utilise SharePoint Online in particular to increase productivity in (or should we say out) of the workplace. The below may help you consider whether your business should embrace SharePoint Online and all the other brilliant Microsoft products available as we continue to see a tremendous shift in new working practices. 

For Microsoft 365 users, SharePoint Online is included in your existing subscription so it’s worth noting that for many businesses all it takes is some configuration and data migration and you’re up and running.

What is Sharepoint Online?

SharePoint Online is a document management and collaboration tool which is used to store all your important documents. The platform enables file storage, sharing, searching, archiving and reporting on all stored documents allowing users to access all of their content from any location. It can be used in many ways, form simple file storage, to real-time document collaboration, as an Intranet…it’s very much up to you as a business how many features you use.   SharePoint Online is included in Microsoft 365 subscriptions, so as long as you don’t have the basic Exchange Online package you’ll already have a license for SharePoint Online. If you’re still only using Exchange Online then upgrading to a package that includes Teams and SharePoint Online is just 80p!

What are some of the key benefits?

  • At Systemagic, we love how easy the platform is to use.  Having the ability to view and share the files instantly means day-to-day operations couldn’t be simpler. 
  • The platform is totally Cloud-based which means users are able to access their documents anywhere at any time, through a web browser, or through the more traditional way on your computer.
  • File collaboration is another core element allowing you and your colleagues to work on the same documents together as well as sharing ideas and inviting others to join. You can say goodbye to those annoying “This file is in use. Would you like to open a read-only copy?” prompts!
  • SharePoint Online works well on both Microsoft Windows and Apple computers, as well as tablets and phones.
  • SharePoint Online is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and Teams not only helping to enhance productivity but also connecting your team with the tools they need in order to work as efficiently as possible.
  • SharePoint can reduce the requirement for an internal file server or network storage device (NAS), saving money when the times comes to replace existing equipment.

Is it secure?

All data stored within SharePoint is encrypted therefore totally secure. Because the platform is cloud-based it reduces the need for businesses to maintain a physical server in-house which ultimately can help save organisations time and money. Microsoft do recommend that you back up any data in SharePoint Online to a third party though, and Systemagic’s Microsoft 365 Backup Service is perfect for ensuring your data is safe.

Is it difficult?

So far nobody that we’ve migrated to SharePoint Online has had any concerns or troubles in using the new system.  It can be configured to look the same as the mapped network drives you’re used to, and the website interface is excellent.   There are plenty of user guides on YouTube and everyone we’ve migrated has commented how clever the system is.

Can I share files with people who don’t work in our business?

Yes! External sharing is allowed with anyone outside of your organisation. In order to access shared files one of our friendly technicians will deal with your configurations, a painless process allowing you to share with external users smoothly.  

Is it compatible on other devices?

Yes! SharePoint is compatible on multiple devices. Apps are available to download on Apple devices as well as Android. Did you know you can even get apps for Word and Excel on your iPad?    

Fancy a demo?

Of course we’ve adapted to our new remote-working life by bringing our early morning roundtable breakfasts online. Our Managing Director, James Eades continues to deliver his popular ‘Embracing Microsoft Products’ demos to clients virtually so if you’re interested in gaining further insight into how SharePoint and any other platforms within Microsoft 365 can transform your business then we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line today to book your free 121 webinar. 


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