How to get the best relationship from your IT provider

We all know IT isn’t particularly glamorous, however in business it’s a necessity. It’s often one of the key elements that hold communication levels within the workplace together.  With that being said, we believe your IT provider should be adding value to your business which is why we’re sharing our top 3 tips we believe demonstrate how you can form the ultimate partnership with your provider to get the best relationship possible!

1. Communication

It may seem obvious but to build a long lasting relationship with any external provider it’s important to communicate! For us, when we meet with new clients we have a detailed consultation. It’s important for us to understand where you see your business going and where you see your companies strengths and weaknesses in terms of technologies.  By having a greater understanding of these things your provider should be able to have confidence in helping plan the infrastructure to support your needs, source the right tools and ensure that you aren’t concerned with whether your systems will cope in someone else’s hands

2. Attend regular reviews

Receiving feedback is one of the most vital parts of running any business. If you don’t take the time to know what’s happening behind the scenes with your outsourced services it makes things tougher for organisations to make the right changes to help improve technologies and client satisfaction.  Any provider should be only too happy to sit down with you and run through where your relationship is, any changes to your account, and generally discuss any issues or suggestions with you. At Systemagic we have a dedicated team who are always on hand to ensure projects are running efficiently, queries are being dealt with and recommendations are being implemented to positively impact your business and ensure clients are confident in the services we’re providing.

3. Welcome monthly reports

We often find that although our technicians are working really hard behind the scenes our clients aren’t fully aware of the time and attention that goes into their maintenance. For those of you who have support contracts with your IT provider and question where your money is actually going we believe the best solution to this common issue is ensuring someone within your team has a clear understanding of what your provider is doing to maintain your systems and how they’re doing it. At Systemagic we provide our clients with monthly reports to update them on the performance of the team in relation to their own systems. This month-by-month report outlines the basics in relation to alerts resolved, tickets logged, health check scores and backup and server analytics. It not only gives our clients a better understanding each month of how their systems are performing but it also gives us, the provider an opportunity to feedback to the client in ways in which we believe they could improve their infrastructure to obtain reliable, robust and scalable systems.

If you have any questions regarding our support contracts or would like more information on how we work with our clients then don’t hesitate to get in touch! 


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